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Protecting the environment

Aware of the ecological impact of its business, Gold Limousine® is committed to protecting the environment, equipping its whole fleet of vehicles with particle filter systems ( Mercedes Class Luxe et Classe E, Class Van).

In addition, all of its Mercedes limousines benefit from Blue Efficiency engine technology.

The Mercedes-Benz Blue Efficiency concept combines efficient and pioneering technologies with a range of innovative measures aimed at achieving maximum reductions in fuel consumption and emissions; the ideal eco-friendly choice. Depending on engine type, Blue Efficiency models benefit from many and varied options:

  •  Intelligent energy management, thanks to electro-hydraulic assisted steering,
  • More efficient transmission with decoupling when stopped,
  • Low rolling resistance tyres,
  • Improved aerodynamics, by sealing the joints around the headlamps and fitting new wing mirrors.

For Gold Limousine®, it’s a long-term objective: to ensure the comfort of its passengers and help protect the environment by reducing CO2 emissions.

Its drivers are therefore trained in smooth driving techniques which also help limit the fuel consumption and emissions of its vehicles.

In addition, to keep its vehicles clean, Gold Limousine® has signed an annual contract with CLEAN ECO, a company that only uses environment-friendly products.


“ With Blue Efficiency, we have made one step further towards our goal: clean mobility. ”